Custom ceramic tile Murals, backsplashes, and tables
           Liz Caris Tile Murals
 "Bear Lake " 18x24

Liz Caris  taught Art for more than 30 years. Originally a painter, she stumbled onto 
the possibilities of tile while working on a fund raiser for her school. "I was intrigued 
with the mystery of the end result." "Working with tile humbles and surprises you at 
the same time." The imagery is drawn, then transferred unto the tiles, using the 
“Cuerda Seca” technique. With this technique the outline is drawn on with wax and allowed to cure onto the tile. Next, they are glazed and fired. They can be placed in frames, set into tables, inset into floors, or set onto walls.
"Horse looking back" 18x24
"A Bull at the Bells" 18x24
    " Poppies"  18x24
"Folklorico dancers" 18x24
    "Meadow of poppies" 18x24
"Rainbow Bridge " 48x72
"Hummers" 12x18
        "Rodeo" 18x24